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Dobinsons Greasable Shackle (SK59-076K) - SK59-076KK

Dobinsons Greasable Shackle (SK59-076K) - SK59-076KK

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  • Reduces friction in bushes, creating a more comfortable ride
  • Heavy duty design and provide simple service through external grease nipples
  • Sold as a pair to replace the original shackles. Side-specific, includes one left and one right (2 shackles) and Replacement Bushings
  • Incredibly tough and durable gold zinc plating

Dobinsons Spring & Suspension€™s range of 4x4 shackles and pins have been designed and manufactured to maximize the life of both the polyurethane bushes and shackles. Incorporating a recessed twin hole greasable design to ensure both halves of the polyurethane bush receive even grease distribution. Greasing polyurethane bushes not only reduces friction and wear, it also reduces the chances of corrosion on the shackle pins and reduces squeaking. Dobinsons 4x4 shackles and pins are a heavy duty design and provide simple servicing through external grease nipples. In some cases Dobinsons also provide anti-inverse shackles to prevent the shackles from inverting on lifted leaf spring vehicles.
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