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Dobinsons Camber Adjustment Kit (WA57-505K) - WA57-505K

Dobinsons Camber Adjustment Kit (WA57-505K) - WA57-505K

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  • ±1.2° for Lower Control Arm Camber Adjustment, 14mm bolt size
  • Essential when lifting Vehicles
  • Easy to adjust and set once installed
  • Includes Instructions

Dobinsons Spring & Suspension make these front adjustable camber bolts, designed specifically to adjust the camber alignment by ±1.2° for Lower Control Arm Camber Adjustment. This is essential when lifting these style of vehicle, as there is no other type of adjustment built into the vehicle.

This kit includes 2 x cam bolts, enough for one vehicle or as indicated on the application guide. It is recommended that this camber adjustment kit is fitted and a wheel alignment is performed.

As Dobinsons Spring & Suspension export to over 40 countries worldwide from their Australian head office, the importance of quality is at the forefront in the complete design and manufacturing process.

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