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Dobinsons 4x4 Recovery Sand Tracks, Traction Mat (ST80-3812) - ST80-3812

Dobinsons 4x4 Recovery Sand Tracks, Traction Mat (ST80-3812) - ST80-3812

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  • Contains 1 Sand Track with Wrap Bag for easy storage
  • 12" Wide x 1" Tall x 60" in Length each, with 38 Rubber Tread Blocks
  • High Quality Stainless Steel cable holding tracks together
  • Easy to wash, cannot crack, flexible rubber
  • Could be stored flat on roof racks with alternate tie-down methods

Dobinsons 4x4 Recovery Sand Tracks are for use in off road vehicle recovery when stuck in soft sand, mud, dirt and snow. At an affordable price, with a rollup design and easy wrap bag for storage, these can easily be stored rolled-up and opened when needed, and are easy to tie down inside your vehicle to avoid them moving around.

Each track has 38 Rubber Treads, measuring 12" wide, 1" tall, and 60" in total length. The non-rigid design means that it cannot break or crack unlike some other recovery devices, and it is held together with high quality Stainless Steel cable between each tread block. It will also easily contour to the terrain underneath, giving your tires the best opportunity for traction.

These are sold and packaged Single
These cannot be used for bridging.

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